Ken Powers..Who are you?

Let’see. He wants you to know the most important thing strangers need to know about him is his content. He writes commentary, not research papers. Think of it as bad stand-up “with a message” from someone who has no interest in making public appearances. He only plays for pay, baby. He would draw more cartoons but drawing is he writes. He names among his many heros and inspirations: George Carlin, Monty Python, MST3K (pre-Netflix), Stuart/Colbert, Bill Moyers, Bill Hicks, Howard Stern, Woody Allen, Alan Moore, Stanley Kubrick, George Orwell, P.G. Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, Raymond Carver, Raymond Chandler, William Faulkner and Andy Rooney (soul brother #1). Clearly women need to step it up and get on this list..Okay, his mom.

He has a wife who is too good for him (but doesn’t know it) and a beautiful, healthy son who has given him a purpose.

His Past

He spent many years doing his indie-garage-rock thing, but that’s not his focus anymore. That said, you never know when that tendency will rear its ugly, Joe-Scarboroughesque-boutique-rock head again..So be cautious.

His Tribe

He is a registered Independent who (in this century, at least) will only vote Republican if the opposing Democrat is a cannibal. He is educated and believes in education. He is an atheist who does not spend any time thinking about invisible people or supernatural entities. If you like GBV, Rush and/or R.E.M., he can possibly hang with you.

His Planks (not in any order)

  • Unabashed Social Welfare, starting with a National Health Service. Big Med, Big Insurance and Big Pharma must all be broken and tamed so bad luck and old age are no longer a reverse lottery that bankrupts American families.
  • Campaign Finance Reform. Firewalling Big Money from government representation, I’m looking at you Citizens United.
  • Steep Gun Regulations, but mainly banning all military-style assault rifles, as they serve no good purpose in the peaceful communities of the USA.
  • The Separation of Church and State. Stop telling me about what your invisible friend told you. It’s adorable, but it isn’t pertinent.
  • Women’s Rights, and their right to be heard and believed. Breaking up boy’s clubs in all places of power.
  • Total demilitarization of our peace officers equipment, uniforms and gear.
  • Judicial system reform to stop the mass incarceration and criminalization of minorities based on a cruel and pointless drug war focused on the underclass and black and brown communities.
  • Education and new laws to protect us from all social media disinformation campaigns foreign and domestic.
  • “Moonshot” investment in new energy technology to create a world where the practice of burning hydrocarbons to create electrical energy is totally eradicated from existence. If we don’t stop global warming we are all fucked.

His Ultimate Goal

To put words into your eyes.