Can I have an F?

Hello and welcome to 2020. Same Ken Powers…just now in the FUTURE!

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The piece below was outlined on January 1st but not finished. Just so you know, I have been writing. I’m just not publishing. WHY?! Because I haven’t wanted to. See? It’s just that simple. No, in truth, it’s the required revisions of my draft writing, and the editing for publication, that has proven so time consuming that I’ve had to kind of back off the public blog (It’s hard to believe it takes actual time to write this shit…it’s embarrassing to admit it). I was going to move to a short article format, just to keep the feed active, but I wasn’t happy with the test articles I had written for it, so I just paused everything.

Anyway, with #PresidentShithead, in the middle of his ¡IMPEACHMENT!, giving a Pro-Life speech at the “March for Life” rally in D.C., I just felt forced to finish the piece I’d started and post it. Leisure time be damned! I am so BRAVE!

Then last Friday, I saw Erick Erickson (some shithead Evangelical radio host) on Bill Maher and he was making his single-issue voter stance in support of Trump in the name of “Life”, even though he supposedly despises Trump. It just made me sick. And Maher came off like an idiot in that discussion. Maher didn’t challenge Erickson’s off-the-charts hypocrisy. Maher instead went on the offensive against some non-existent group of liberals who supposedly celebrate abortion (?!). Making the flatheaded argument that somehow these nonexistent people are the problem. I’ve never met or heard anyone celebrate abortion in my life…Maher sounded like a dope. Which is okay, he is a brilliant political humorist and I don’t mind if he misses from time to time.

Anyway, all this has triggered me into finishing the following…

– – –

I fucking LOVE Nancy Pelosi. This is new. In the past, between me and Nancy, there’d been “like”. I was never a “hater”, but I wasn’t a “superfan” either. Just deep respect…for her tactical mind, for her humanity, and her achievements…but never “love”.


So, yeah, Nancy Pelosi…The pundits always say “Trump doesn’t know how to handle her.”

Which translates to “Unlike other woman, Trump can’t just dismiss Nancy Pelosi as ‘unfit for rape’.”

The fact that I can say that last bit about the President of the United States and it’s based totally on reality and not an exaggeration in any way is just devastating, at least to me…Hey! You might think it’s great! That it’s keeping things great…I don’t.

Side note – Rapability aside…If you’re seeking an army of libido-killing people look no further than Trump and his Goon Squad. Every one of them was born fugly. It’s just a sad fact. It is what it is. And because they operate like a mafia organized crime family, I’ve had a longtime personal nickname for the “team” that I want to share with you today. You’ve heard of “The Untouchables”? I call the Trump Squad “The Unfuckables”. [rim shot followed by crickets] …End of side note

And about this (and by this I mean everything) there are a confluence of issues to talk about.

But talking to some Trumpee family and family friends over the holidays, I came to an epiphany (I seem to have those every other day now). Here it is:

Everything goes back to “Nancy Pelosi is a baby killer!”

I know it sounds like a nonsense non sequitur, but it ain’t. Hear me out.

I’m talking about the “Evangelical” base (i.e., the Right to Life Movement). That nonsense sentence about Nancy makes perfect sense to them. That nonsense sentence is their mantra about anyone who supports a woman’s right to choose.

More than anything, these people want a pro-life supreme court to overturn Roe V Wade. They are running down the clock on RBG. All clocks are running down.

They will stick to Trump to get this done no matter how vile he acts, no matter what crime he commits. No matter how many women (be they victims or opponents) he disparages as unrapable.

There are no limits because they are zealots about what they’ve convinced themselves is murder, a sort of infanticide. They think abortion is murder. Like you and I think murder is murder…they think abortion is murder.

The way I see it, if you abort a baby without the mother’s consent…you go right into the wood chipper. But when a woman elects to get an abortion, that is her right, her reproductive freedom. These “Jesus” freaks, they don’t want that.

And they would have a dictator to get what they want (their big three “needs”: criminalize abortion, legalize discrimination against LGBTQ and mandatory prayer in public school). They would have a dictator to get these things…just like the “religious” leaders that support dictators in Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Evangelicals are theocrats, they do not believe in Democracy. Our constitution and Bill of Rights, when it clashes with their dogma, is disposable to them. They are self-centered, myopic, ignorant, superstitious, greedy, entitled, xenophobic, racist, hypocrites. They do not believe all people are equal…because they think they have an extra special God boost that always has them just above the “other”…at least in their self-hypnotized minds.

And they attach their concept of “God’s love” for themselves to the country they just happen to live in. So if God is giving them the God boost, well then God must prefer the U.S., as well, over, let’s say Mexico. This is Dark Age thinking, plain and simple. Period.

But when we are talking about the border detention crisis, in reality, we’re talking about the Northern Triangle Countries (which, as you may know, don’t include Mexico)…but, like I said, Evangelicals are ignant– so it’s all the same to them. So the “Mexican” asylum seekers who are fleeing violence…which can result in the loss of, you know, “life”…well I guess they can get fucked and die on the border for the crime of not being born in “God’s Country”.

But Nancy is the baby killer, right?

Here is the deal. I’m gonna say it once. I’m gonna say it simple and then I’m going home…

Women’s Reproductive Freedom equals Women’s Human Rights.

Women’s Reproductive Freedom is Women’s Freedom.

A vote to convict Trump in the Senate Impeachment Trial is a vote for Women’s Human Rights.

And If that doesn’t work.

A vote for the Democratic Presidential Candidate in the 2020 Presidential election is a vote for Women’s Human Rights.

AND a vote for any Democratic Candidate in any federal or state election is a vote for Women’s Human Rights.

AND a vote for any Democrat who supports The Equal Rights Amendment is a vote for Women’s Human Rights.

Recently, Rachel Maddow did a long-form piece on her show, a sort of historical review about many (not all) of the abortion doctors, and staff, who were assassinated in terrorist attacks by Pro-Life terrorist in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, the pace of these doctor assassinations and clinic bombings has slowed. And yet these Pro-Life assholes want to reset the clock and go through it again.

It was only days prior to watching that documentary, that a beloved family friend (a woman, a boomer, a conservative, a Trumpee) in the midst of a superficial discussion with me over the current political culture, exclaimed “Nancy Pelosi is a baby killer!”

It was like a bell ringing.

No woman should vote for Trump.

Let me ask you, reader…How many abortions has Donald Trump been a party to or paid for? You have to wonder.

Say, for example, if Trump, or one of his sons or loyal goons…ya know “The Unfuckables”, knocked up a porn star, or a “calendar girl”, what are the typical payment terms for an NDA and a “procedure”? $100,000? What does is cost to have someone “murder” an unborn for convenience?

It cost former RNC deputy finance chairman Elliot Broidy a cool $1.6 mil for his. But that sounds a little pricey for Trump. I’m sure Trump could negotiate that down. He is a great negotiator.

Maybe Michael Cohen knows the number. Hey, somebody should ask him. Or David Pecker.

But Nancy is the baby killer, right?

Yeah right.

– – –

Ps, The term the “Unfuckables” is a reference to a Dave Attell bit from one of my all-time favorite comedy records, “Skanks for the Memories…” (2003).

You can stream the whole record on YouTube.

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  1. The hypocrisy of this administration’s actions with regard to women’s health and their own previous personal behavior deserves more attention! But their supporters have blindly dismissed such things. In my experience, evangelicals Or “Right to Lifers” are not willing (able?) to have informed discussions with people who do not share their views…. infuriating.
    Love the blog!

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