Bandini Mountain, Apathy and Metaphorical Cancer

Yeah, I stopped writing the blog on the reg. Sorry about that. I’ll tell ya what happened. I was writing this tribute piece on the Sex Pistols a couple of weeks after my last post and I just kind of stopped mid-article and said to myself, “Fuck this.” I think I came back a couple of weeks later and thought, “Yeah, I don’t need to finish this.”

Here, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes…I love “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”… And, if you agree, doesn’t that make you feel good?

See? I just got the same result and saved us both a lot of time.

Honestly, I was trying to get into writing something less to do with #PresidentShithead and his cult, because I’m tired of writing about that. I guess I found I’m just getting tired of everything (except for family and friends…they get a pass).

Like every person of conscience, I’m tired of the situation. And I know that this fatigue is by design. It’s what the situation creators want…


Everyday is a Bandini Mountain to be sifted through…pie by pie…and the next day they just stack up another mound. I mean Trump has been playing the system, the media and us his whole life…and now he has the full force of the executive branch of our government and the Republican party behind his act. And he’s going to use that power to run our batteries down with his constant turd-valanche…to wear us out. It’s what he does. He exhausts his adversaries. It works for him. It always has. What makes you think it’s going to stop working now? Like I said…


I know Trump is an asshole. I know the Republican Party is run on asshole power. I know their combination is a marriage made in hell.

Every fucking day we have to sift through his fucking turds and this administration just watches us, smiles and says, “Keep sifting…We’ll make more.”

You get tired at a certain point in handling excrement. You need escape. You say, “Let’s just fucking impeach this tool already.” And you hear back, “Oh, no. We have to make our case to the American People first.” Well good luck.

With the Democratic Party you have a 25 headed Hydra sitting on top of the Tower of Babel. How is that disparate group going to put a signal to noise against the monolithic Trump/Twitter megaphone and the Fox media run state? If the Dems want to win this war they will need to get a unified message and stick to it. Here’s one…

“We are going to impeach Trump…soon”

Strong, huh? I guess I’ll have to take that back to the drawing board. But my point stands, the Dems do need a unified message. And SOON.

I want to be fair, though. It’s unenviable what the true turd sifters have to go through. I’m talking about the politicians, and lawyers, and activists, and journalist, and law enforcement, and researchers, and citizens who stand on the front lines and fight the apathy and fight to save our federal government from stumbling into becoming a full blown kleptocracy…

Or maybe it already is one.

The undetected, malignant grapefruit-sized tumor (that’s been there for years) just shifted and now we have a visible lump. I mean let’s get real, this didn’t start with Trump. He’s just a tumor.

But as apathetic as I feel. And as much as I hate the idea of being sick with chemo. And as much as I know I’ve got Stage 4 and we’re not gonna catch all of it. I want to send a message to the Doctor.

Dr. Pelosi, if you’re out there. If you can hear me. I’m getting weak. We need to schedule the surgery. We need to get this tumor out. I know you want to run more tests, and that’s fine, you’re the doctor. But we have to schedule a date, please. Because I’m looking at this tumor and it ain’t gonna just teleport out of my body. I know you want to put me on that drug that’s in trials and coming out next year, Nuprezdint. But I heard it only has a 50% success rate…I don’t like those odds. I’m watching this tumor grow day-by-day and thinking about everything going on in my body I can’t see. You gotta cut it out, Doc. You gotta! I’m fighting for my life over here…cough cough…

…And scene. (Touching, wasn’t it?)

I’m trying not to let apathy win. Really I am. I’m trying. But God Damn if they don’t make it easy…