Static Overdrive

I realize I haven’t posted on my blog in over a month. Sorry. It isn’t by design. I’m not on vacation. There is no plan behind the slowdown.

Ya see, I built this blog because I enjoy writing in my free time. I figured I could apply some of that activity to “write to share”. For the purposes of this blog, I determined a general format for posts. I would choose a theme or subject (i.e, “what’s on my mind”), loosely determine how I wanted to frame that subject and then extemporaneously write until it felt like a point was made. I have also tried, regardless of the subject, to keep humor or levity in the prose. In short, commentary with humor. I hope you enjoy it. I think there will be more.

Recently, I’ve slowed down. I’ve been writing some more esoteric and personal stuff. Nothing that I’m putting up here. I thought about writing a short story fiction I was outlining for the blog. It’s about a closeted, self-loathing, evangelical baker who is challenged when asked to bake a cake for a gay couple planning their wedding. Spoiler alert, he ends up jacking off into the batter. It’s a sensitive portrayal of a serious subject (See? I still got the “jokes”).

Here on this platform, I mainly write on culture and politics, because I know this type of material is more likely to be of interest to readers. In the last few years, these subjects have been easy pickings. Our culture is a house on fire. Our ruling political party a farce.

I also write on these things because I care about the state of the world. I want people who share my beliefs to feel bolstered, comforted (especially in these times). I want people who disagree with me to feel challenged.

Friends, I admit I have no answers. I do however have one core belief:

Issues, challenges, difficulties are better resolved through cooperation than by obstruction.

It’s pretty basic stuff. It isn’t radical. I just want to say it. It’s my truth.

Yet surely, only the truly naive would slavishly adhere to a “cooperation only” mindset. The people of this world are peppered with far too many, let us call them, “sociopathic types” to allow for total cooperation. And so we have law. Law in a liberal society, when applied without bias, allows us the freedom, as a society, to work together cooperatively.

But it is a “choice” we have the “freedom” to make – cooperation or obstruction – love or fear. As hard as it might seem to believe, the “scales” of our American culture are heavily weighted toward cooperation, inclusion and shared prosperity, and have been more and more (we’re talking historical levels of good). It’s been a tough slog getting there, and cooperation minded people (like me) are going to be challenged…that’s a given (look at history). Why? Because sharing is harder than keeping.

Today, specifically, this spirit of shared prosperity and cooperation is being challenged by a hard pendulum swing toward tribalism (the antithesis of cooperation and sharing) best represented through a sociopathic president who has made the very clear choice of obstruction and hate as his default setting, his only setting (long before he ever took office). He calls cooperation weakness and sees the fair, unbiased enforcement of law as a threat.

His messages of hate and fear have the ear of a disturbingly large percentage of the American population. A minority to be sure, but a large “establishment” minority who share his beliefs and fear that cooperation will lead to their loss of “power” or “control” (even if they had none to begin with).

And so we must live through “The Last Stand of the White Nationalists”, be they conscious or unconscious…and they have the president and the Republican Party. So, no, there are no jokes here.

White Nationalism is a deep vein in the cornerstone of our national history. It is our nation’s original sin (genocide, slavery, colonialism, segregation, discrimination). And it’s deeply baked into the foundations of this country’s law (gerrymandering, voter suppression). Laws that have allowed our Democracy to be unfairly represented and controlled by today’s obstruction minded.

And we just have to live through it. And try to cooperate with each other to get past it. To put it away once and for all…so we aren’t all so used against each other…because the solutions we come up with in cooperation will invariably be better than the results of endless conflict, of war. Conflict figureheaded by that willful fool of a president we are saddled with and funded by a wealth class that aligns with the white nationalist movement/sentiments to shortsightedly shirk regulations and their tax responsibilities.

So yeah, all this dark energy in the “truth” I’m seeing has kind of caught up to me somehow and caused me to not want to write so much in the same vein that I had been on before. I can’t say why. It’s just quiet right now. Maybe I’ll feel differently. Maybe I won’t. We’ll figure it out. Bottom line, thanks for all the love.

In closing (for now, this ain’t goodbye), and because it might be a bit, this atheist wishes you the hap-hap-happiest of Merry Christmases of all time. Just shut out the noise and love your family and friends. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Art Credit: “Band Musicians Cats” by sonsedskaya