The Second Amendment is Killing Black Men

About a year ago, I wrote the following on the back of a still unpaid bill.

“The Second Amendment is killing black men.
All black men could have guns, so we have to shoot them.”

It was about #BlackLivesMatter. I HATE the way our criminal justice system targets minorities.

It was also about all the loose guns out on the streets. Guns that must have started their pure and beautiful lives as legally acquired firearms, but somehow, mysteriously, these guns were now on the BLACK market (You know, where the dark skin people buy them, we imagine).

We must always think about black market guns FIRST!! All decisions must be made with imaginary black market guns dancing in the front of your mind. At all times. Because they are out there. They are imaginary. And they are guns…

It’s funny with all these free guns being bought and sold that so many seem to slop out of the soup (gun show loopholes and all…remember “A.B.G.” always be thinking about guns). You’d think with this modern database technology we could keep better track of them, but then they wouldn’t be so free. FREE GUNS, what a sick thought that is.

“Oh, where did I put that pesky gun? It’s worse than my car keys. Ya know, if my head wasn’t sewn to my neck, I’d lose that, too. You know, a .44 could blow my head clean off. It’s true…Now where’s my gun?”

But we have to have a lot of guns around, and a lot of factories stamping them out. And bullets, too. Can’t forget the bullets. You need several thousand rounds near you at all times just to feel even.

But GOD DAMN IT, isn’t it a pain that the bleaks have them, too. Or, more accurately, the imaginary bleaks ALL hypothetically have BLACK market ones…in the dark, at night, when they’re harder to see, unless you are watching them through your trusty night vision scope, which really humanizes the people you see through it.

I wear night vision goggles when I make love, just for that very reason.

Getting back on point, I’m saying that imaginary guns are getting black men killed with real police guns and it is fucked up. There has to be a better way, this can not be the best answer.

The footage I watched tonight of the execution of Stephon Clark was appalling. Looking at the scenario, it is clear there were many options for the outcome that wouldn’t have included unloading two firearms into an unarmed man crouching and hiding in the darkness. Then laying down on his stomach and prostrating himself, in surrender, as the bullets continued to hit his body over and over again, taking his life. And for what? Petty theft? Because our militarized police can hunt our citizens like troops hunting terrorists.

Less real guns in circulation – would mean less imaginary guns in circulation – would mean less reason for police to imagine imaginary guns on the persons of black people – would mean lives saved – would mean police arresting people instead of executing them.

I think that’s a better world. A civilian world without guns. It’s my world. Maybe it could be your world, too. Join us. Melt the guns, now.

#blacklivesmatter is #neveragain.