Married to the Mob

I’m not an expert on organized crime, but I watch a lot of TV and movies. So, I’m not a D.A. or a police detective or an ex-con or a current-con. But I’ve watched the Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, The Untouchables, The Sopranos, just to name a few. I also have a general interest in true crime journalism, in print and on TV. I know much of what we see in fiction is, just that, fiction, but there are some universal truths related to how organized crime works, and three specific tenets that I think are significant today.

  1. Illegal money has to be laundered.
  2. Once you become complicit with an organized crime syndicate (for example, conspiring in a money laundering scheme), the syndicate will use this connection as leverage against you (for control, blackmail, extortion, racketeering, etc).
  3. You don’t play along; you can get whacked.

It’s pretty sick stuff, but it works for the bad guys. Fortunately, we have a Federal Bureau of Investigations here in the United States to protect us from organized crime syndicates. Is the FBI perfect? No. Do they make mistakes? Yes. But they are our only and best Army to defend against the ever present threat of organized crime corrupting in our lawful Democracy.

Bottom line, if you are greedy (and morally bereft) then dirty money is hard to turn down. But this initial “handshake” is just your initiation in to being groomed as an asset by the syndicate. Once you put your hands on that dirty money, you are now a co-conspirator and the syndicate owns you…or you go to jail…or you get whacked.

If you are greedy, morally bereft and stupid, you may not understand that this is the deal, you might even think you are clever enough to escape it, but you’re not and it IS the deal, and your stupidity will not save you.

So What?

So why am I going on about this? Because it ties in with my perception of what I am witnessing playing out in our very highest seat of power, in the highest chair of the executive branch of the United States Federal Government.

If I’m perceiving things correctly, #PresidentShithead is being leveraged by an international organized crime syndicate (one that also just happens to be a nation state). This leverage is sticking because he, his company, his campaign, and/or his family is/are somehow complicit, or were complicit, with this syndicate’s very real money laundering activities.

Being leveraged (i.e., owned), our chief executive does not speak out or act in opposition to this syndicate in any way, or at any time, no matter what the syndicate does.

In fact, to go one further, this executive, and his minions, are in the process of a waging a disinformation campaign slandering our FBI. The FBI, like I said, being our only and best protection from organized crime syndicates.

Weird, huh?

And so…

The Mueller probe is going to spill the beans, eventually. And here’s what I’m thinking…

Here’s my prediction. And I’m just waiting for it to come out (if it’s allowed to come out). We are going to learn that it’s no great coincidence that Paul Manafort’s alleged money laundering conspiracy with the syndicate was falling apart in 2015, just prior to his attachment to the Trump campaign. I see this series of events as Manafort being compelled by the syndicate (via leverage) to do a job for them.


We are going to get a whole bunch of information about the Trump organization’s financials, showing a longstanding, deep and solvency-sustaining transactional history with the syndicate (i.e., dirty money was touched).

What then…

Oh, it’s going to really suck for this country when it all comes out. A lot of good people (i.e., Republicans and Trumpees) are going to have to take a long, deep look in the mirror and accept they were duped (or, I guess, continue to live in denial).

There will be a constitutional crisis, because Trump will not resign. Say what you will about Nixon, he was not a great man, but he found the decency, humility, dignity and love-for-county to resign when the truth came out. I don’t think Trump will resign, because Trump’s alleged crimes are tied to conspiracies with other nation states, and those are very high crimes, and he is not going to cop to them under any circumstances. He will burn this country down around him before he comes clean.

And look, that’s to be expected. In your experience, do wiseguys sing like canneries at the first sign of trouble? Or instead, do they tend to claim totally innocence? I think the latter. I think it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see an immoral, guilty person stand up and proclaim, “I did it all, and this is how I did it. Let me start with blah blah blah…” NO, it doesn’t go like that. You have to collect all the evidence and throw the book at them.

On one hand, I’m elated… on the other (the much the more significant hand, that is really weighing on my mind), I’m terrified. Truly terrified.

But anything has to be better than being married to the mob.