Guns Are a Violence Magnet and Other Meditations

So, guns. I’m compelled to write about guns, especially at times like this. There are two concepts and one statistic I have been meditating on. I write them here in hope these thoughts could be helpful to your thoughts.

The Statistic:

Many legitimate statistical studies show that owning a firearm increases your likelihood of being shot and killed with a firearm (depending on the study) not by a percentage, but by multiples (some say 10x).

We would have better, more accurate data on this if the CDC was allowed to study it. Unfortunately, our Republican representatives in Washington (under the threat of the firearm manufacturers’ lobby) have not allowed such studies since 1996.

This leads to concept one…

Concept One:


Guns are magnetic to impotent people who want to project power. Mainly men. Impotent men often fantasize about imposing their will through violence. These are common, natural human traits. Little boys love to play with toy guns (I did). Little boys also feel impotent, because they do not feel in control…and they’re not, because they’re kids. But as boys become men, the vast majority endeavor new, productive pathways to cope with balancing feelings of impotence with their violence and power fantasies (because, ya know, society). Some don’t.

The ones that don’t, well, I’m not saying they’re hopeless, but I would say they are the ones who are magnetized towards REAL guns and gun culture. And what type of guns? Why only the most powerful and offensively deadly ones, of course. So, through this magnetism, an estimated (like I said, the government doesn’t want solid stats) 5-10 million assault-style semi-automatic rifles are in private ownership across the USA. Sold and bought by impotent men who fantasize about imposing their will through violence. And when just ONE of these owners determines to cross the line from fantasy to reality…what happens? REAL “American carnage”. Sandy Hook, VTech, Columbine, Aurora, San Bernardino, Isla Vista, Orlando, Sutherland SpringsCharlestonLas Vegas, countless others (to the point of numbness) and now Parkland.

Why? Why do we coddle these man-children and give them ANY access to weapons of war, which will, invariably, only lead to another one of them crossing the fantasy/reality line to threaten and rain death on our peaceful communities. OUR CHILDREN! Why? Again and again, why?

So, I repeat, GUNS ARE A VIOLENCE MAGNET (I want to see that on bumper stickers). The more powerful the gun, the stronger the magnetic field. Where you find the most deadly and powerful guns you find violent men drawn to them. You don’t want to believe it? You want to deny it with anecdotal evidence? Go ahead, and while you’re at it, go buy a gun, you probably think you need one, Limp Dick.

Concept Two:


I watched a documentary about the West Lake Landfill on HBO this week. To those who aren’t familiar (and I wasn’t), it is an illegal radioactive waste dump in Bridgeton, Missouri, near St Louis, created from the waste of the Manhattan project, that, through greed, stupidity and evil, had residential communities built up around it over the years. People moved there, not knowing about it…the cancer causing radiation, that is, which by “law” didn’t have to be disclosed to the buyers.

So yeah, that’s still going on. The EPA (in the movie, this is the Obama EPA, BTW) monitors the amount of radioactive particles blown out of the dump and washed down creeks when flooding rains come. They tell the citizenry that everything is within “acceptable levels” according to the law. People can’t move because the story is out. They get cancer. Yada, yada, yada. So, yeah, guns are pollution.

Wait. I know you’re saying. “I didn’t make my point”. I kind of did, but I’ll dumb it down. Guns…Are…Pollution. Get it? No? Okay, I’ll try again.

Think of guns as deadly particles free-radicalizing their way through our environment. You don’t see them. You know they’re there. You hope your government is managing the situation, but they’re not. The polluters (these would be arm manufacturers and dealers, in case you missed it) continue to pollute unabated. The government says everything is within the law and acceptable levels. Cut to innocent people dying horrible, painful, tragic deaths that their loved ones never recover from. See? GUNS ARE POLLUTION.

In Conclusion

I strongly urge all men and women of conscience to vote to get all guns out of our society, every day and in every way. We’ll never catch them all (For the record, I never said “Guns are Pokemon”…until now). But we need to get as many as we can, starting with the military-style ones, and throw them right into the melting vats. Melt them down. We also need to shut down the factories. Retool them. Need a business plan? Sure. Make some other kind of phallus replacement. I don’t know…Dildos? No man was ever murdered with a dildo…that I know of.

So yeah, remember to laugh. But more importantly remember to vote against guns 100% of the time. Help America join the rest of the civilized world and evolve past its impotent gun violence culture. You’ll be glad you did. Or you will be, down the road, when you’re not reading about constant mass shootings all the time. Just something to think about. So yeah, vote.

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